Music Ensembles

Shortly after registering for music lessons, each student has the option to participate in one group ensemble. Participation in one group ensemble is included in the regular monthly tuition, at no extra charge for all registered music students at Muse for Life. Students & musicians that are not registered in lessons at Muse for Life may also join an ensemble at a cost of $15 per hour session. Each ensemble meets once a month at a pre-scheduled time slot (decided upon by teacher of ensemble). It is believed by Muse For Life that no musician is an island, and it has been the experience of all instructors at Muse For Life that musical development is greatly enriched through group playing. Each ensemble has a concert every six months, which is meant to be fun, and at the same time, educational of the live playing experience.

Music Ensemble Descriptions

Jazz Ensemble
                Designed to educate students about the various forms and predominate periods of jazz. Each group will learn and practice a collection of various tunes which touch upon major movements in jazz in respect to harmony, composition, and improvisation.

Blues Ensemble
Designed to introduce students to the various periods and formative roots of the blues. Students get introduced to various corresponding techniques, scales, and songs which paved the way and painted the picture of what is called “The Blues”.

Designed to educate students about the lineage of modern day rock and roll and pop music, and to introduce students to the styles, and attitudes of rock’s major contributors. Students will learn a variety of rock and pop tunes from past to present.


Designed to introduce and educate students about the contributing figures and elements that led to the upspringing of bluegrass at the turn of the century, and folk through the ages. Students will learn the connections between bluegrass and folk, and modern day country. Students will learn various forms and specific songs as well as instrumentation and performance.

Classical (dependent upon level and # interested)
The classical ensemble is designed to intoduce students to the major formative periods of “classical” music, and to intoduce them to the specific composers and works which led these periods. Students will practice a piece which threads through each colorfully.

Symphonic String (dependent upon enrollment)
Designed to teach students briefly about the different forms and compositions of the symphony. Students will learn and practice various pieces which highlight the profound color and dramatic emotion which can be portrayed through the symphonic musical group.

Orchestral (dependent upon enrollment)
Designed to teach and introduce students to the various instrumental arrangements and uses of the orchestra as a musical movement. Students will learn pieces which highlight the array of expression which can be displayed by the orchesral instruments.

Designed to highlight the voice and its beauty in numbers. Students will learn various aspects and techniques involving harmony and singing. Students will learn and practice various choral pieces which display the different potentials and writing styles which cater to the human voice.

Special ensembles will be introduced and advertized periodically at Muse For Life’s front desk!