About Us

Muse for Life has been serving the Sandy Springs community since April of 2001. In its time of operation, Muse for life has been committed to providing quality instruction in both Music & Yoga. During the Summer of 2005, Muse for Life moved from 76 Allen road to its new location at 205 Hilderbrand Drive. After the move, Muse for Life expanded its services to offer Dance Classes for all ages and Kung Fu Classes for kids. Since this time, Muse for Life has also expanded its programming to offer group music classes, summer camps, and private music therapy services for various populations. Muse for Life takes pride in being able to provide quality programming for children and adults with special needs. Muse for Life offers training and coaching sessions to prepare all staff, teachers, and therapists to be able to accomodate the needs of all students regardless of ability, age, or developmental level. Muse for Life also offers consultations with parents, so that the parents may be able to easily transition what is learned at Muse for Life into the home. In January of 2010, Muse for Life expanded its space, programming, and vision in order to be a Community Inspiration Center for the people of Sandy Springs & the surrounding areas. Along with this expansion, Muse for Life expanded its community outreach programming to include monthly Chattahoochee River cleanups and bimonthly charity fundraisers. Currently, Muse for Life is seeking funding to provide scholarships & assistance to students & families in need, so that all people may have access to the services Muse for Life provides. In the fall of 2010, Muse for Life created the Natural Connections Learning Academy and is currently seeking state accreditation as a non-traditional learning center within the state of Georgia.


Muse for Life Mission Statement

It is Muse for Life’s mission to be a center for music, dance, meditation, health & overall creative inspiration & expression for all people within the community of Sandy Springs. Our purpose is to inspire people to live a more fulfilling, productive, and gratifying life by pursuing, developing, & manifesting their dreams and passions regarding health and creativity!


Muse for Life Core Values

Caring, integrity, enthusiasm, creativity, passion, inspiration, quality, teamwork, health


Muse for Life Value Statement

The values stated above are the core values of Muse for Life. In accordance with the overall mission of Muse for Life, these values are honored within our programming, amongst our teachers & staff, and with our students & clientele.