Chattahoochee River Cleanup

One of the community outreach & volunteer action events that Muse for Life hosts monthly is the Chattahoochee River Cleanup. The Chattahoochee River is the primary watershed for most of Sandy Springs & surrounding areas. We all depend upon water for our lives & sustenance. At least 70% of our total body is composed of water. For the communities within the Chattahoochee River watershed area, the Chattahoochee is the primary source of this water. In a way, almost 70% of all the people living within this watershed are the Chattahoochee River. Scientific studies conducted by Masuru Emoto, from Japan, have shown that water molecules themselves become affected by the energy, attitudes, & intentions that are directed towards them. Emoto's studies have shown that the molecular structure rearranges itself in response to varying patterns of thought & emotion. The molecules themselves seem to imprint the messages & energies that are directed towards them (Emoto, 2005). In order to take a proactive stance of love and appeciation towards the Chattahoochee River and all that it provides, Muse for Life intentionally hosts these Chattahoochee River Cleanups. It is our hope that this intention of love & appreciation is imprinted within the river and passed along to each community member. Please join us as we strive to give back to this wonderful river and show how much we love it.


Cleanup Details

For all who participate, Muse for Life provides garbage bags, gloves, & cleanup supplies. Donations are always welcome. On the date of the event, participants are asked to meet at Muse for Life by 10:00am. If you would like to meet us on location at the river, call us, and we will provide the current river location & directions. We ask if possible for everyone to caravan together in order to reduce our gas consumption & use.


Current Cleanup Date

October 29th, 2011


Group Page

If you are interested in volunteering & joining us for a cleanup, please join our facebook group page. You will receive emails, information, & notifications through that group.


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