Special Events

Muse for Life offers a variety of special events throughout the year. These events include open mic performance & teahouse events, live music events, salsa socials & other dance events, special workshops & classes, educational programs, fundraisers, & community outreach events, such as the Chattahoochee River Cleanups.


Event Space Rental

Muse for Life rents out space to community members that are inspired to host & organize events concerning subjects of health, education, creativity, & community. If you are interested in hosting or organizing an event, let us know.


Birthdays And Private Parties

Muse for Life hosts private parties and birthday parties. Contact us about specialized pricing & themes.


Tuning in Ceremonies

Muse for Life promotes and encourages living more deeply connected to nature, life, and all relations. TUNING is used in music to balance and TUNE instruments, notes, and players together. Historically, community ceremony and daily ritual has played the role of TUNING people and communities into deeper more connected levels of awareness, experience, and living. Through Muse for Life's TUNING IN initiative, we offer Daily Water Honoring Ceremonies, & monthly we offer both New Moon and Full Moon Movement and Music Ceremonies.


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"Let these community ceremonies be TUNING forks that act upon the musical stream of our lives, so that we may TUNE IN deeply in a sacred way."