At Muse for Life in Sandy Springs Atlanta, we offer OUTDOOR educational programming for all ages. In contrast to conventional education strategies that rely on vicarious methods & results, Muse for Life's A.B.L.E outdoors facilitates real life, multi-sensory learning that inspires learners to achieve meaningful outcomes of value for themselves, their community, and society as a whole.


•For adults, Muse for Life offers The Web of Life Imperative, special workshops, & nature retreats. Many of the nature based educational programs can fulfill both college credit & CEUs.


•For school aged-students, Muse for Life has partnered up with The Community Muse, a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation, to offer the Natural Connections Learning Academy. The Natural Connections Learning Academy is an accredited non-traditional learning program that allows students to reach great achievement & confidence while satisfying core academic requirements through unique nature based experiential activities that incorporate multi-sensory learning activities in music, dance, meditation & the arts.


•We also offer private tutoring for all students & consultations for both parents & professionals.


•In addition to the Natural Connections Learning Academy & our tutoring services, we offer afterschool programming which is geared at providing both homeschooled students & standard classroom students unique opportunities to engage socially & recreationally within healthy & creative experiential nature based activities.


Education Mission Statement

The mission of the Muse for Life Education Program is to provide quality music instruction that fosters health, creativity, & inspiration through having fun!


Education Core Values

Caring, integrity, enthusiasm, creativity, passion, inspiration, quality, teamwork, health


Education Value Statement

The values stated above are the core values of the Muse for Life Education Program. In accordance with the overall mission of Muse for Life, these values are honored within our programming, amongst our teachers & staff, and with our students & clientele.