Guitar Lessons

At Muse for Life in Sandy Springs Atlanta, we give private lessons for all ages on all styles of acoustic & electric guitar. Whatever path of learning you decide to take, we can confidently guide you. Whether you want to play the blues like John Lee Hooker, B.B King, Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughn, or Muddy Waters; play rock & roll like Jimi Hendrix, Keith Richards, or Bo Didley; make the guitar scream like Eddie Van Halen or Joe Satriani; we can get you where you want to go. We can teach you how to play country & bluegrass, as well as fingerstyle acoustic & folk. We will teach you everything you need to know in order to improvise & play jazz, or even just sit around the campfire strumming with your friends & family. All of our teachers are experienced professionals, who can guide you in learning whatever style & level you want to play. Whether you want to learn classical, rock, pop, blues, jazz, folk, world music, or any other style, you can learn to play competently & confidently at Muse for Life.


Guitar Program Teaching Philosophy

Guitar lessons at Muse for Life in Sandy Springs Atlanta are first & foremost focused upon having fun & generating motivation, enjoyment, & inspiration through learning music on the guitar! No matter what level of student you are, our priority is to inspire you to live a more creative & fulfilling life by learning the guitar. As you learn, you will be guided in the proper motor skills necessary to play with coordination & fluidity, as well as how to understand & apply theory. Muse for Life believes in a whole body, total sensory, approach to learning. Students at Muse for Life learn to develop their ears & motor skills while also learning how to effectively use & apply theory. Although some aspects of learning the guitar can be standardized, we recognize that each student is an individual with independent & unique learning styles, interests, & needs. All lessons at Muse for Life are individually tailored to meet the specific wants & needs of each student!



All guitar teachers at Muse for Life in Sandy Springs Atlanta are university educated professional teachers. We believe that, just as playing music is an art, teaching is also an art. Not all musicians are good teachers. At Muse for Life, we take pride in the fact that our teachers are both outstanding musicians & experienced professional teachers.