108 Consecutive Days of Movement Meditation Have Begun at Muse for Life in Sandy Springs Atlanta

On March 11th at 9:00am, we began a cycle of 108 consecutive days of Movement Meditation at Muse for Life. Havalyn Raeuber, Muse for Life’s dance program coordinator, has been wonderfully guiding these meditations. So far, everyone has been exploring the creation and shifting of energy through Tai Chi movement flows, and improvisational movement. At times, the use of imagination has been used to guide a story unfolding in the movement. Opening, unraveling, and expressing through movement in the morning has felt great so far, and we are excited to discover how this practice will unfold.

We will be offering Movement Meditation 9:00am everyday. All are welcome.

Let the light in!

Muse for Life
Community Inspiration Center
205 Hilderbrand Drive
Sandy Springs, Ga. 30328
(404) 943-1063

Muse News at Muse for Life Community Inspiration Center in Sandy Springs Atlanta February 2013


The inspiration has been flowing in February at Muse for Life. We started off the month with the 2nd Sufi workshop weekend with Adnan Sarhan, and the energy was sweet and beautiful. Thanks to our friend, Danny Stern, for bringing his teacher, Adnan, to Muse for Life. Danny is a fantastic drummer who plays around town. Everyone check him out.

News from the dance branch of the Muse for Life tree brings lots of new growth and outreach. Havalyn Raeuber, our dance program and coordinator, has begun a new class called Creatively Moving Women on Mondays at 7:00pm. This class is designed to inspire women from everywhere to connect more deeply with their bodies and express more fully. This class is for all women who want to express themselves more fully through dance. If you have dance experience, great! If you have no dance experience, great! This class is meant to be an inspiring space for all women. Integrating therapeutic movement ideas along with movement meditation practices and basic dance principles, this class holds the intention of providing a safe container for personal expression and exploration. This class is all about loving your body and moving with this love!

On February 14th, Muse for Life’s Havalyn Raeuber, along with Leslie Clayton from Body Awareness Studio, led a flash mob dance troop through Sandy Springs in alignment with the global 1 Billion Rising Movement. 1 Billion Rising is a flash mob dance movement that is focused on raising awareness about and ending violence towards women globally. All of us at Muse for Life feel blessed to be able to have participated and hosted rehearsals for this special event.

All other dance classes are building in attendance, and we always have room for more students! In March, we are starting a new policy of ‘FIRST CLASS BY DONATION’ for all regularly scheduled classes. Come try out a class and pay what you want :) We offer ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop, modern, creative movement, improvisation, belly dance, and more. If you know anyone who might be interested or benefit from our dance classes, please spread the good word. Check our schedule for current times:


News from the music branch of Muse for Life’s growing tree brings sweet rhythms and melodies. Our private lessons are going strong. We are happy to have Aviva, from Aviva and the Flying Penguins, offering piano, voice, and flute lessons at Muse for Life. Rob Defriese, from the Mixx and the Mystery Trip, offers bass, vocals, and guitar lessons. Both Don Whitaker and David Marmer offer drumset and percussion lessons. And Craig Martin Canedy, founder of Muse for Life, offers lessons on guitar, violin, cello, trumpet, mandolin, banjo, piano, and multiple other instruments. Craig also offers special focus lessons on music theory, composition, arrangement, and music production.

During February attendance has picked up for our Musical Adventure Classes, and we are happy to be able to offer them. There is still space available if interested.

•Ages 3-5 is Monday from 3:15-4:00
•Ages 6-8 is Tuesday from 4:00-5:00
•Ages 9-15 is Thursday from 6:00-7:00

Contact us or schedule online, if you are interested.


Will still offer private music therapy sessions for all individuals with special needs. Craig Martin Canedy, Muse for Life’s founder, is a board certified music therapist with a master’s degree in music therapy. Craig also studied educational kinesiology and perceptual motor learning at the graduate level for a year and a half with the dean of his college. This background qualifies Craig to coach all Muse for Life teachers in being able to accommodate special needs within their lessons and classes. If you know anyone with special needs, please do not hesitate to tell them about us. We are here to be of service.

News from the meditation and yoga branch of Muse for Life’s community tree brings opening and expansion. Gail Fore has joined the Muse for Life family, and she is offering her gentle yoga classes on thursdays at 7:00pm. We offer many different yoga classes throughout the week including kundalini yoga, hatha yoga, ashtanga yoga, Shamanic yoga, and yoga philosophy 101, as well as classes focused on developing a personal practice. Beginning in march, we will begin offering special classes focused specifically on pranayama (breath practices) and yogic cleansing and diet.

Currently, we also offer open meditation space, structured meditation lessons, guided meditation classes, guided relaxations, and movement meditations for everyone looking to deepen the meditative state of their own lives. Check our schedule for current yoga and meditation class times:


In alignment with our meditation and yoga branch, we are re-designing our front space to be a fully operating tea-house. This has been a dream we have held for many years, and we have decided that now is the time to step fully into this dream. We welcome all kinds of suggestions and support to make this dream a reality.

In alignment with Muse for Life’s Natural Connections Learning Philosophy, we will be offering the Web of Life E.O.N.S course through our A.B.L.E education program for all adults who are wanting to connect deeper with nature. This course will begin towards the end of March and beginning of April. Contact us for more information.

Muse News at Muse for Life Community Inspiration Center in Sandy Springs Atlanta January 2013


Lots of wonderful events, classes, workshops, ceremonies, and energy has been happening in this first month of the new year at Muse for Life. The first week if January, Muse for Life offered a Back to School Camp for Kids before they went back to school. This camp, as well as all camps at Muse for Life, included music activities, arts and crafts, yoga, dance and movement activities, nature exploration and hiking at the Chattahoochee River, as well as creative story time. The students and staff had a blast! Here are some pictures:






Our spring dance season has begun, and classes are building strong. We have ballet dance classes, jazz dance classes, hip hop dance classes, modern dance classes, zumba, latin dance classes, and creative movement for all ages. In conjunction with our usual kids class schedule and our normally offered adult classes, we have introduced some new classes for women. Havalyn Raeuber, dance program coordinator at Muse for Life, is passionate about opening women to being able to creatively express fully and strongly with their bodies. These new classes are geared towards this total creative expression through physical dance and movement. Contact us for more details.

Music lessons and music therapy sessions are back in time with the new year, as well as new time slots and offerings for Muse for Life’s Musical Adventure Class. Muse for Life is now offering Musical Adventure Class for:

*3-5 year old children from 3:15-4:00 on Mondays,
*6-10 on Tuesdays from 4:00-5:00pm, and
*11-14 year olds on Thursday from 6:00-7:00pm.

Call or register online

Beginning soon, Muse for Life will be offering Group Guitar Classes for Adults. These classes will meet once a week, and are meant to be educational, recreational, and social. Stay TUNED for these.

At the end of December, Michael Casteel offered a dolphin breathing Breath of Life workshop to bring in the new year, and he will be offering another Breath of Life deep dive intensive on February 9th. Contact us to register.

This past weekend, January 25th-27th, Sufi master Adnan Sardan offered a Sufi workshop and drum concert, and he will be offering another 3 day workshop this coming weekend from February 1st-3rd. All are welcome. His work and wisdom is both simple and effective. All present will learn and participate in transcending the usual and temporal activity of mind and find a space of true presence in ecstatic being. Adnan truly demonstrates how music and movement can easily shift consciousness into expanded levels of awareness and serenity.

Muse for Life still offers private guitar lessons, piano lessons, cello lessons, violin lessons, trumpet lessons, banjo lessons, mandolin lessons, vocal and singing lessons, drum and percussion lessons, and bass guitar lessons. Individual instruments are taught as gateways into understanding the full spectrum of music, and at Muse for Life, music is taught as a portal to connect more deeply with life, the world, and the universe. Every student is taught the fundamentals of playing music on the chosen instruments, while the direction of applying theory and the motor aspects of playing are focused on establishing deep connection, inspiration, expression, and creativity. Music Lessons are for all ages. You can register online or over the phone.

Muse for Life’s Yoga and Meditation classes and programming will be starting back on the week of the New Moon, which is February 10th. Muse for Life offers yoga classes in Ashtanga Yoga practice and philosophy, Kundalini Yoga, Hatha Yoga, and Shamanic Yoga. As well as these core classes, Muse for Life offers classes focused on developing a personal practice, yoga philosophy, and the yoga sutras of Patanjali. Muse for Life’s meditation classes include Guided Meditation Classes, Structured Meditation Lessons, Movement Meditations, Guided Relaxations, and Developing a Personal Practice. Muse for Life also offers times for open meditation space where everyone can come to deepen their practice at their own pace.

Muse for Life still offers Daily Ceremonies to Honor Water currently at 9am and both New and Full Moon Movement and Music Ceremonies every month. All are welcome. On February 27th, Muse for Life will be offering the 108th consecutive Daily Ceremony to Honor Water. After that day, the ceremony time will be shifted to 7:30am.

Let these community ceremonies be TUNING forks that act upon the musical stream of our lives, so that we may TUNE IN deeply in a sacred way.

Muse for Life
205 Hilderbrand Drive
Sandy Springs, Ga. 30328
(404) 943-1063

Muse News at Muse for Life Community Inspiration Center in Sandy Springs Atlanta Week 12.9.12-12.15.12 & week 12.16.12-12.22.12

Muse for Life offers music lessons and classes on guitar, bass guitar, drums & percussion, piano, violin, clarinet, trumpet, flutes, and more. All lessons and classes have been going strong, and both teachers and students are preparing for winter break. Schedules seem to fluctuate this year, so if you are in need of special scheduling, let your teacher or the front desk know. We are happy to accomodate.

The fall Dance recital was Sunday December 15th, and it went beautifully. All dancers performed wonderfully in this ceremonial seasonal rite of passage. Around 70 family members and friends were present as witnesses.

We are excited for the coming soring dance season. We will still be offering balket, tap, jazz dance, hip hoo, modern, creative movement, and belly dance. But we will also be offering new dance classes for both kids and adults of all ages. Please get on our email list and check our schedule for upcoming classes.

Music therapy programming at Muse for Life has been going strong over the past two weeks, and all clients and therapists have been deepening the process and focus as we come to the close of the year.

Daily Ceremonies Honoring Water have provided deep connections and insites for all present, and on December 21st we completed the 40th consecutive daily ceremony. It is a blessing to be able to be in ceremony honoring water everyday. Ceremonies begin around 9am. All are welcome.

Coming up in December 28th, we will TUNE to the moon with our Full Moon Movement and Music Ceremony. Come honor and celebrate the moon in ceremony with us.

Look for the re-start of the meditation and yoga classes at Muse for Life this coming January. Many classes and times will be offered for all levels and paths of practice.

Also, Muse for Life will be offering special Natural Connections Learning 6 week class series’ beginning,in January. These classes have a range of topics for dance, music, health, and community. Stay connected with us to find out soecific class types and start dates.

We are happy and inspired to be who we are and what we do at Muse for Life, and we are grateful all the relations and community that we are blessed to share with. Everyone have a safe and inspiring holiday season no matter where you are. Look forward to more Muse News next week.

Natural Connections Learning: E.O.N.S Course for Adults at Muse for Life in Sandy Springs Atlanta Starting in January

The Muse for Life Natural Connections Learning program offers a variety of nature based, experiential activities that have proven effective in reviving the critically important relationship between humans and the natural world. Participation in these activities serves to reawaken important areas of the human nervous system that have atrophied through generations of disconnection with the natural environment.

The Premise: Humans are nature.  Human beings evolved over a long period via intimate connection with the forces of nature.  However, the center of consciousness recently moved inside, away from direct encountering with nature.  Education, in order to be genuine, must include experiential guidance through the fundamental laws of nature.  Otherwise the human being, as adaptable as the species is, is likely to increasingly suffer from modern day ills due to overly-urbanized, technology dependent industrialized living.

Fortunately, the human disconnection from nature is now being recognized as the serious problem it is for both society and individuals alike. Best selling books such as “Last Child in the Woods”,”The Nature Principle” by Richard Louv, and the term “nature deficit disorder” coined by Louv, point to this growing awareness.

E.O.N.S (Experiencing Our Natural Self) will be the first program we are offering to introduce the hands on, outside, experiential side of our Natural Connections Learning Philosophy.

E.O.N.S Classes will start in the week of January 14


Special 6 Week Series for Teens & Adults Starting in January 2013 at Muse for Life in Sandy Springs Atlanta

Inspired by our Natural Connections Learning Philosophy, we are introducing special 6 week series that integrate healthy and creative activities into process driven group learning contexts. These classes are meant to deepen creativity, inspiration, and connection within student’s lives.

Classes Include:
-Sacred Ways
-Trash to Treasure
-Dance of Life
-Song Writing
-Guided Dance Journey
-A Different Way
-Web of Life
-Tai Chi
-Composition & Arrangement
-Mystical Magic
-Sustainable Living
-Shamanic Dance
-Drum Making
-Flute & Natural Instrument Making

Special Natural Connections Learning Kids Classes at Muse for Life in Sandy Springs Atlanta

Special Natural Connections Learning Kids Classes

These special kids classes are based upon our Natural Connections Learning Philosophy that we have been working hard to formulate and institute into all of our programming here at Muse for Life. In short, establishing deep connections through the heart and the senses improves learning on all levels. By combining sensory based learning and creativity with music, movement, and the arts students learn dynamically and develop deep connections with their own inner nature. We connect these inner experiences with the natural world that exists outside through various experiential process driven activities.

For current schedule click: http://www.museforlife.com/special-class-schedule.html

Find Your Dance: Creatively Moving Women Dance Class at Muse for Life in Sandy Springs Atlanta

Beginning in January, Havalyn Irene Raeuber, dance program coordinator, will offer creative movement dance classes for women. This 6-week series is geared toward getting comfortable with your body, your self-expression, and your innate and unique creativity, while bonding and sharing with a group of powerful women. This class will be fun AND encourage, inspire, and cultivate a sense of confidence within your body, your self, and your life.

These class series will be 1 class a week for 6 weeks.

Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 paths will be offered

Cost: $300 per 6 week series

Group Guitar Classes for Adults at Muse for Life in Sandy Springs Atlanta

In January, Muse for Life will be introducing group guitar classes for adults. Many adult students have voiced a desire to connect with other adults who are learning or have been playing for awhile. We will be offering these hour long classes both during the lunch hour, at noon, and during the evening to accommodate various work needs and schedules.

Learning the guitar is a great outlet for stress, tension, and being, well let’s just say it, TOO BUSY! At Muse for Life, we believe that learning music on musical instruments is an amazing way to connect more deeply to life and the world through creativity and inspiration. Music literally is the language of the universe. By learning the guitar at Muse for Life, students not only learn theory and how to play the guitar, but they also learn how this can be applied to other areas within life. Whether its learning how to relax on more subtle levels, how to fully express, or simply how to create, all students are guaranteed to thoroughly enjoy and grow from the process.

These class series will be 1 class a week for 6 weeks.

Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 paths will be offered

Each class is focused on learning the fundamentals of playing and creating while also socializing with other like minded professional adults.

Feeling a bit stressed and over-worked?

Learn how playing guitar can give you inspiration, motivation, and connect you more deeply with yourself, others, and the world around you.

Cost: $300 per 6 week series

Meditation & Yoga Programming is Re-Starting at Muse for Life in Sandy Springs Atlanta

Beginning January 7th, we will be re-starting our complete meditation & yoga program schedule.

Click this link to view current schedule: http://www.museforlife.com/meditation-yoga-schedule.html

Here is a list of classes we are offering:

—-Meditation Classes—-

-Open Meditation Space:
-Guided Meditation Class:
-Structured Meditation Lesson:
-Movement Meditation:
-Guided Relaxation:
-Developing a Personal Practice:

—-Yoga Classes—-

-Hatha Yoga:
-Ashtanga Yoga:
-Kundalini Yoga:
-Shamanic Yoga:
-Sutras of Pantanjali:
-Yoga Philosophy 101:
-Developing a Personal Practice:

—-Private Sessions—-

-Yoga Therapy:
Yogic Health Training:

The drop-in rate is $15 per class.

Additional program rates are listed below.

Autopay (charged 1 st of each month)
1 class per week:$58.50
2 classes per week:$99
3 classes per week:$148.50

Class Card for 10 Classes:
1 month: $110, 3 months:$120
6 months: $130, Annual: $140
Class Card for 20 Classes:
3 months: $200, 6 months: $220

Annual: $240
Unlimited Class Packages
1 month: $220, 3 months: $570 6 Months:
$930, Annual: $1440

Monthly Rates
1 class per week (4 wks):$56
1 class per week (5 wks):$70
2 classes per week (4 wks):$104
2 classes per week (5 wks):$130
3 classes per week (4 wks):$144
3 classes per week (5 wks):$180

Individual Use of Meditation Space
Drop-in: $5
Monthly Pass: $25

Please call or visit us online to confirm

Back to School Muse Camp for Kids at Muse for Life in Sandy Springs Atlanta

Get inspired for the spring semester! Join us for Muse camp and get those noggins (and bodies!) joggin’ after the Christmas hoorah. We’ll start our mornings off with Yoga led by Mr. Craig and then sing, dance, play and learn about musical instruments, play games, and create arts and crafts for the new year with Mr. Craig and Ms. Havalyn!

January 2 – 4, 2013(!)

10am – 3pm

Cost: $150 for one child

          $225 for two

Holiday Camp for Kids at Muse for Life in Sandy Springs Atlanta

Happy Holidays! Get your holiday break started right by dancing the week away with Ms. Havalyn! We will be learning dance combinations in styles such as ballet, modern, jazz, hip hop… and we’ll do a little Zumba too. Add in hot chocolate, arts and crafts, and a dance movie, and we’re good to go!

**need at least 3 students to sign up for camp to run

Dates: Dec. 17 – 20


Reindeer Dancers (Ages 3-7) = 10am – 12:30pm
Santa’s Helpers (Ages  8-12) = 1pm – 4pm
Holiday Teen Intensive (Ages 13 – 18) = 4pm – 7pm


Reindeer Camp = $100
Santa’s Helpers Camp and Teen Intensive =
$120 per student $200 for two students

Reindeer and Santa Camp Package = $200 for two students

**Pro-rated Daily Rates available too!

Muse News at Muse for Life Community Inspiration Center in Sandy Springs Atlanta Week of 12.1.12 – 12.8.12

The fall dance season is winding down, and all the dance students are busy preparing for the Fall Dance Recital on December 15th at noon. The theme for this season’s recital is “What inspires you?”, and whether the students are taking ballet, jazz, tap, hip-hop, creative movement, or modern, each of the performances is bound to be inspiring. The students have worked hard this season, and we are excited to have everyone express joyfully what they have learned. In keeping with Muse for Life’s development as a community inspiration center, Muse for Life’s TUNING IN initiative, and Muse for Life’s Natural Connections Learning Philosophy, this recital is meant to be more of a rite of passage for the students rather than just simply being a production. The recital will be fun and entertaining, but it is also meant to be a platform of deep connection where the students express themselves and their creative natures amongst the community in which they live. We are honored to be able to host and participate within this rite of passage. Everyone is welcome to come and be witness.

In other news, we have almost completed one full moon cycle of Daily Ceremonies Honoring Water at Muse for Life. The ceremonies deepen and become more rich with each passing day. We are 70 percent water, and water is within everything. By honoring water, we honor ourselves, each other, and the entire world. We are grateful to be in ceremony in this way. All are welcome. Ceremonies happen daily at 9:00am.

Coming up next week on December 13th at 8:00pm, Muse for Life will be hosting its 2nd New Moon Movement and Music Ceremony. Last months New Moon and Full Moon ceremonies were beautiful. Everyone come TUNE to the moon with us next Thursday! Let your body, mind, and spirit dance to the music of your life, and keep your heart open! Look for more Muse News updates next week :)

Full Moon Movement and Music Ceremony at Muse for Life in Sandy Springs Atlanta Recap 11.28.12

It was beautiful to TUNE to the moon last Wednesday in ceremony with movement and music. The energy was electric and warm. We are grateful for the new faces, and we are grateful for the familiar faces. Thanks to all who came and participated.


The moon was full, and there was also a lunar eclipse earlier in the day. Generally speaking, a lunar eclipse encourages us to confront and identify the shadow side of our emotional nature. Combined with the November full moon’s propensity towards breaking old patterns, giving full expression to our personal being, deepening our relations, and taking our perspective from the personal level to the universal level, this lunar eclipse and full moon relationship is transformatively powerful. This power was definately felt last night. The energy and experience was powerful, but it was also sweet.

After smudging, we began in a circle and played rattles as we all connected with the moon personally & voiced this connection to each other. We focused our intention towards honoring the moon through opening our hearts. Once the language sharing concluded, the rhythm of the rattles naturally flowed with a musical wave that chartered many tonal, emotional, and expressive waters. Everyone was very focused and deliberate. We sang, we played, we moved our bodies, we prayed, and we joyously let go in deep expression of gratitude for the moon. We navigated this celebration space through many crescendos, decrescendos, and climaxes. After roughly 2 hours, we concluded the musical and movement part of the ceremony kneeling with foreheads to the ground. It was powerful. Finally, we closed the ceremony with a gratitude circle holding hands.

We are extremely grateful to be able to be in ceremony honoring the moon at Muse for Life. We look forward to the New Moon movement and music ceremony happening in 2 weeks. All are welcome.


Let these community ceremonies be tuning forks that act upon the musical stream of our lives, so that we may TUNE in in a sacred way.

Muse for Life
205 Hilderbrand Drive
Sandy Springs, Ga. 30328
(404) 943-1063

One Full Week of Ceremony at Muse for Life in Sandy Springs Atlanta

Today, November 18th 2012, makes one full week of holding daily water honoring ceremonies and New Moon/Full Moon Movement and Music ceremonies at Muse for Life. We are deeply honored and grateful to be able to hold such a posture in community, and we are truly overjoyed to be able to be in ceremony everyday. Thanks to everyone who has come out, participated, or simply sent us good supportive energy.

All of the ceremonies through out the week have been deep and transformative. Many inquisitive eyes and conversations have emerged amongst the locals around Muse for Life, and we are excited to offer information that may introduce people to deeper levels of TUNING IN. One woman stated that she had never considered the moon and the moon’s cycle. How huge! To begin to recognize our life and its relationship with the cycle of the moon.

Other folks have mentioned their familiarity with Dr. Emoto and his water crystal studies, but they never thought to honor the water themselves. Thank you to all the ancestors and teachers who have carried the sacred tradition of honoring water. We are grateful to be in this lineage.

Next week is Thanksgiving here in the states, and our operation schedule is scattered. We will be closed Wednesday-Friday, but everyone is encouraged to carry on the daily water ceremony amongst themselves. We will have ceremony Monday and Tuesday, do ceremony individually Wednesday-Friday, be in ceremony up at The Stone People’s Lodge on Saturday, and, then we will resume ceremony at Muse for Life at 9:00am on Sunday November 25th.

Let these ceremonies be the tuning fork within the musical stream of our lives, so that we may, TUNE IN in a sacred way.

Muse for Life
205 Hilderbrand Drive
Sandy Springs, Ga. 30328

3rd Daily Ceremony Honoring Water at Muse for Life in Sandy Springs Atlanta Recap

The ceremony this morning was great, especially after honoring the moon last night in the New Moon Movement and Music Ceremony. Our focus and intention with the practice is deepening. The various postures of the ceremony are unfolding, and it is becoming more clear how each role invites a different depth of focus & attention in order to honor the water with sincere presence and intention. Each movement, stance, statement, and ritual has become a practice within itself. To be present and focused on the water, yet to be open to the feeling of celebration and gratitude for water in the world and in our lives is an interesting juxtaposition of being that is appearing. To be able to celebrate and feel ecstatic without checking out inside ourselves is part of the practice of the presence needed for this ceremony, as with all ceremony and meditation. To behold the water in the light of ceremony is an honor, and we are excited to be honoring the water, each other, and everything in this way. We look forward to the ceremony tomorrow. Join us if you can. All are welcome.

Let these community ceremonies act as tuning forks for the musical stream of our lives, so that we may tune in deeply in a sacred way!

Muse for Life
205 Hilderbrand Drive
Sandy Springs, Ga. 30328
(404) 943-1063

New Moon Movement and Music Ceremony at Muse for Life in Sandy Springs Atlanta 11.13.12 Recap


Thanks to all who showed up for the first New Moon Movement and Music Ceremony at Muse for Life last night. It was a beautiful ceremony to activate this wave of Muse for Life’s TUNING IN initiative. And what an amazing time and moon to be honoring in ceremony! This November new moon is in Scorpio, moving out of Mercury retrograde, its a super moon, and there is a solar eclipse. Truly a highly charged and potent time.

The moon being in Scorpio TUNES us into being focused and intentional about our lives. It is also an extremely potent time to break or change old patterning and align with true purpose and meaning in our lives. This is a time to break through old blocks that no longer serve. In fact, this moon TUNES us into the fact that this re-patterning does not need to be hard or complicated. It is as simple as just allowing it to occur. All we have to do is step through the door. All new moons particularly TUNE us to new beginnings, but this new moon specifically TUNES us into emotional expression. It is a time of expressing deeply, and through this expression, the re-patterning occurs. It is the impetus for real change and transformation.


Everyone present last night walked through the door and connected deeply to themselves with both reverence and honor for each other and the moon. The movement and music momentum of the ceremony lasted 2 hours, and wonderful waves of feeling and expression combined with celebration and depth to honor the moon as she moves into the darkness of her cycle. We TUNED IN deeply, and the harmonics are still resonating. The ceremonial TUNING fork was struck, and sympathetic resonating frequencies and harmonies both within ourselves and outside are aligning and rising to the surface.

We look forward to the Full Moon Movement and Music Ceremony on November 28th at 9:00pm, where we will again TUNE to the Moon in honor and reverence. Please join us as we TUNE to the moon in ceremony.

Let these community ceremonies act as tuning forks for the musical stream of our lives, so that we may tune in deeply in a sacred way!

Muse for Life
205 Hilderbrand Drive
Sandy Springs, Ga. 30328
(404) 943-1063

2nd Daily Ceremony Honoring Water at Muse for Life in Sandy Springs Atlanta Recap

Today, we blew the conch once again at 9:00 am and began the ceremony to honor water for all that is provides and is. The ceremony was powerful and focused. We poured for all the 7 directions, east, south, west, north, Earth, Sky, and within, and we welcomed the energy of the water from each of those directions into the sacred ceremonial space. We said prayers of thanks and reverence, and we recognized the specific impact that the water from each of those directions carries with it. After pouring for each of the directions and honoring the water energy from those directions, we then poured the water from each direction into the Great Spirit Bowl. We said prayers of thanks and we sang a song to honor all the water. We visualized light radiating from our hearts into the water and everywhere that water is, which is everywhere. We concluded the ritual by, again, giving thanks and putting some water on points on the body while playing and listening to flute music.

It was a beautiful ceremony, and we are honored to be able to be in ceremony in this way. We are excited for TUNING INTO the sacred depth of water by honoring it in ceremony tomorrow. We are also excited to TUNE to the MOON in the New Moon Movement and Music Ceremony, which starts tonight at 8:00pm. What a beautiful life it is when we can be in ceremony honoring this wonderful creation so often. We are so grateful

Everyone is welcome. Please TUNE IN with us.

Let these community ceremonies act as tuning forks for the musical stream of our lives, so that we may tune in deeply in a sacred way!

Muse for Life

205 Hilderbrand Drive

Sandy Springs, Ga. 30328

(404) 943-1063



New Moon Movement & Music Ceremonies begin tomorrow, 11.13.12, at Muse for Life in Sandy Springs Atlanta

Following the vibration of our new TUNING initiative, Muse for Life begins offering New Moon Movement & Music Ceremonies tomorrow, November 13th 2012, at 8:00pm.

Questioning what we are TUNING into as individuals and as a culture has led Muse for Life to look for ways to facilitate and support TUNING in on deeper more purposeful levels. The introduction and offering of Daily Ceremonies Honoring Water is the first ceremonial offering that aligns with this vision, and the first ceremony began today, November 12th. After speaking with elders in the community, it was determined that water is a powerful and appropriate daily ceremony. Water is in everything, water sustains all of life, and by honoring water, we are, in turn, honoring ourselves and all of creation.

The moon is another part of nature that effects us deeply. The moon, also, greatly effects the water on this planet. We have decided to TUNE IN more deeply to the lunar cycle by offering New Moon Movement and Music Ceremonies at Muse for Life.

The ceremonial intention is to honor and celebrate the moon and its relationship with us. Tomorrow, we specifically celebrate the new moon, when the moon begins its cycle. We TUNE INTO new beginnings, fresh starts, and the dark emptiness that supports this transformational space.

Ceremony begins tomorrow, November 13th, at 8:00pm.

All ceremonies are free, but donations are welcomed and encouraged.

Muse for Life
205 Hilderbrand Drive
Sandy Springs, Ga. 30328
(404) 943-1063

1st Daily Ceremony Honoring Water at Muse for Life in Sandy Springs Atlanta Recap 11.12.12

Today at 9:00am, we blew the conch shell and began the first daily ceremony honoring water. The ceremony was a beautiful success, and all who were present connected deeply and sent loving appreciation to the water that is in all things. There were 3 people present, and this is a good start considering that the entire inspiration for this ceremonial activity is TUNING IN on deeper, more purposeful and loving levels. A TUNING fork must be struck before it sends out a vibration, and today the ceremonial TUNING fork honoring water was struck. The vibration is now waving outward and its resonance will raise to the surface kindred sympathetic harmonies. As we continue to offer and perform these ceremonies everyday, the vibration and TUNING will grow solid and stronger, and the numbers will grow as sympathetic harmony occurs naturally.

This was a beautiful start to this ceremonial ritual, and it was preceded by a full day space & vision cleansing ritual at Muse for Life. Staff members cleansed, cleared, calibrated, and TUNED the space of Muse for Life, as well as the collective vision. We started this ritual to prepare for this weeks ceremonial offerings, and we will continue performing this cleansing ritual and vision calibration once a month.

We are excited for the daily ceremony honoring water that will be offered tomorrow at 9:00am, and we are also excited about the New Moon Movement and Music Ceremony being offered tomorrow at 8:00pm.

Look forward to more from these ceremonies, and come join us if your heart resonates.

Let these community ceremonies act as tuning forks for the musical stream of our lives, so that we may tune in deeply in a sacred way!

Muse for Life

205 Hilderbrand Drive

Sandy Springs, Ga. 30328

Daily Ceremony Honoring Water at Muse for Life in Sandy Springs Atlanta

As part of Muse for Life’s new TUNING IN initiative and our vision of being in ceremony with life every day, we are beginning daily community ceremonies honoring water tomorrow, November 12th 2012, at 9:00am. These ceremonies will continue to occur every day, except for special holidays and posted exceptions. These ceremonies are open to everyone regardless of religious affiliation, background, age, or path. Literally, these ceremonies are open to EVERYONE.

Coming together as a community honoring water is a time tested universal method for TUNING IN to what is truly important and possible as a people, community, country, species, and part of the world. Everything consists of water. Life is sustained by water. We share this commonality with everything. We are water and so is everything else. Through honoring the water, we honor ourselves and each other. We honor, in essence, everything. We TUNE IN to a deep resonance and vibratory flow that we all share. We TUNE IN to source both within ourselves and outside.

Through ceremony, community can come together and focus this intention tremendously. Traditionally, ceremony is considered to be a TUNING vehicle or TUNING fork, if you will, that strikes a deep and fundamental chord with the universe and creation. In ceremony, we resonate with what is truly important, and through the harmonic nature of the universe, this importance comes into focus within our lives and the world around us. This vibratory resonance ripples out and harmonizes with all that is similar or sympathetic with it. Since this ceremony honors water and water is in everything, this ceremonial resonance can make beautiful expansive harmonious music.

Please join us at:

Muse for Life
205 Hilderbrand Drive
Sandy Springs, Ga. 30328
(404) 943-1063

The conch will be blown at 9am, and ceremony will begin promptly.

Sunday Space Cleansing at Muse for Life in Sandy Springs Atlanta

We are excited for the new TUNING IN initiative and the programming we are offering to the community as a part of this initiative. Today, November 11th 2012, Muse for Life staff members are gathering to perform a space cleansing, as well as a vision calibration. This cleansing is meant to be a ceremonial act to connect us more deeply with the space at Muse for Life and our individual and collective roles and purposes here. At the same time, the vision calibration is a space to communicate and more deeply integrate our visions together for the common good of all. The cleansing will occur on the physical level with vacuuming, organizing, wiping, and dissinfecting, but it will also occur on other levels.

We will begin the cleansing ritual by TUNING IN to our intentions. This intention setting can be silent or out loud, and musical bowls, bells, and metallic instruments will be used to carry these intentions. These bowls and bells will also be used to open and clear the space, as is the tradition amongst many cultures.

We will then begin to cleanse the “flow” of the space with rattles and shakers, which are customerily used to TUNE IN to the natural flow of energy within the universe. The shakers tend to mimic and represent the sound of flowing water, but on a deep level, this mirroring is a sympathetic TUNING. Song & whistling will accompany this shaker space to connect our being and intentions into the balancing of the flow.

Next, we will begin the physical cleansing, which will include necessary physical reconfiguration.

Once the physical cleansing is complete, we will then begin reconfiguring the energetic direction of the space. This will include feng shui considerations, but this will also be a time for vision calibration where all staff members can voice their vision for the space.

Once the full spatial energetic vision is TUNED, we will then proceed into the complete staff member vision calibration. This is the space and time for cleansing, sharing, and TUNING our thoughts about our individual and collective energies and purposes at Muse for Life and within the world.

Upon conclusion of the vision calibration, we will then perform a collective spatial and personal smudging of the space and ourselves in order to close the cleansing ritual. This will be accompanied with flute music and song to bring in the breath of spirit ritually.

We will end the ceremony with a celebration using drumming and dance.

Again, we are excited about this cleansing ritual, and we plan to come together in this way once a month. We deeply feel that this ritual cleansing will empower and support the overall TUNING IN initiative that Muse for Life is activating for the community of Sandy Springs, Atlanta, and the world. If you would like to be involved, let us know.

Muse for Life
205 Hilderbrand Drive
Sandy Springs, Ga. 30328
(404) 943-1063