Muse for Life's founder, Craig Martin Canedy, has been dreaming for a long time to provide the community of Sandy Springs with a space where all people can come & connect more deeply to their life through meditation & yoga. These programs at Muse for Life provide guided instruction in a variety of forms of both meditation & yoga as well as guided relaxations & meditations.

We have found that for many people, the word “Yoga” is a loaded word. Meaning, people already think that they know what it means. And usually, they box the word “Yoga” into meaning a series of physical postures that can be used as forms of exercise. Although Yoga does exercise the body and in some instances use postures, Yoga in its true form and meaning includes much more. The yoga program and classes at Muse for Life are designed to offer students a pathway into the true and complete experience of yoga. While providing guidance according to the traditional practices and philosophy within yoga’s heritage, Muse for Life also recognizes the contrast that the modern world has against this heritage. Muse for Life’s yoga program consciously addresses how to adapt and apply the traditional yoga practices and philosophy into daily modern life.

At Muse for Life in Sandy Springs Atlanta, we offer group meditation & yoga classes, along with private yoga therapy & yogic health training sessions. Our meditation & yoga classes range from guided meditations & relaxations to structured meditation & yoga lessons & instruction. Throughout the week, we provide open meditation space, where anyone can meditate freely regardless of style, training, or schedule.

We offer traditional Hatha, Ashtanga, & Kundalini yoga classes, along with classes that are focused on developing a personal practice & deepening one's knowledge & application of yoga philosophy. We also offer special workshops, intensives, & retreats in both meditation & yoga throughout the year.

Meditation & Yoga Program Mission Statement

The mission of the Muse for Life Meditation & Yoga Program is to provide quality meditation & yoga classes that foster the development of health, healthy habits, & a healthy lifestyle through the practice of meditation, yogic living, creativity, relaxation, inspiration, & fun.

Meditation & Yoga Program Core Values

Caring, integrity, enthusiasm, creativity, passion, inspiration, quality, teamwork, health

Meditation & Yoga Program Value Statement

The values stated above are the core values of the Muse for Life Meditation & Yoga Program. In accordance with the overall mission of Muse for Life, these values are honored within our programming, amongst our teachers & staff, and with our students & clientele.

Contact: Muse for Life Community Inspiration Center

205 Hilderbrand Drive, Sandy Springs, Ga. 30328

(404) 943-1063,,