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"It is our intention to create a space where everyone in the community can be inspired to live a better life through programs of both creativity & health"

Founder & Director

What is a Community Inspiration Center?

  • A community inspiration center is a space developed to serve 3 primary purposes

  • 1. to increase & improve the level of creativity, inspiration, & passion for living within people's hearts & minds

    2. to develop an improved sense of community within society through creativity & healthy life activities

    3. to reconnect people with nature both internally & externally

Why a Community Inspiration Center?

  • Collectively we want to increase & spread Love throughout the world
  • We want YOU to be happy
  • Creativity, Inspiration, & healthy living are a source of happiness & connection

How does the Community Inspiration Center work?

  • At the Muse for Life community Inspiration center in Sandy Springs Atlanta we offer Authentically Based Learning Experiences (A.B.L.E) that engage the learner naturally within the learning process. In contrast to conventional education strategies that rely on vicarious methods & results, A.B.L.E facilitates real life, multi-sensory learning that inspires learners to achieve meaningful outcomes of value for themselves, their community, and society as a whole. In order to facilitate the natural multi-sensory learning process, Muse for Life offers programs that increase the level of creativity, inspiration, connection, & health within people's lives both internally & externally.
  • We offer sensory learning based programs specifically focused on reconnecting people with the internal nature of self & life. These multi-sensory learning programs include music lessons, dance classes, music therapy, movement therapy, meditation, yoga, special arts workshops, tea drinking, community outreach programs , & community ceremony. All are focused on naturally developing depth & connection in life, as well as intuition & a greater sense of overall awareness.
  • We offer OUTDOOR nature-based programming specifically focused on reconnecting people with the external natural world. These programs include outdoor experiential education courses, as well as camps & special workshops.
  • We individualize all programming to suite the skills, aptitudes, learning styles, personal wants, & goals of each person.
  • We offer special workshops & activities focused on creating, generating, & sustaining a greater sense of community amongst community members.
  • We hold group activities that integrate individuals & their unique qualities into Creative Community Contexts™.